Doggie Depot offers fully supervised day care for your four-legged friend while you are busy during the day.

Why day care?
Dogs are pack animals – they need exercise and socialization. This supervised indoor/outdoor doggie amusement park is the best place for them to keep busy during the day while you’re busy.

Who comes to play?
Social doggies with current vaccination records (Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies and Bordetella). All dogs must be on a flea-preventative and heartworm medication year round.

What do they do all day?
Play, play, play!! Our doggie huggers keep the dogs entertained all day with ball throwing, outdoor activities, treats and lots of love. Dogs play all day with the exception of nap time (11:30 – 2:00). Why naptime? The dogs need a break too! Due to the amount of activity received at daycare, a break in the middle of the day is very important for health reasons!

Who will my dog play with?
Doggie Depot separates the dogs based on their size, temperament, age, health conditions and play style. The young puppies play with each other and learn the valuable skill of socialization. Each building has three separate play areas for fun.

Should I bring my dog’s food, toys or bed?
We will happily feed your dog if you bring their food. Doggie Depot has all the amenities your dog will need to feel at home so no need to bring your own toys or bed to daycare.

How much does doggie daycare cost?
Please refer to our pricing page for more information on package discounts.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy! Just submit the necessary Enrollment Forms.